The Boat - Downeast 32

The Downeast 32 was designed as a long range cruiser for two people, capable of crossing oceans in safety and comfort. The overall design leans towards the traditional, as exampled in the full keel, the bow sprit and cutter rig. However, many modern elements have been worked into the design, such as the cut-away forefoot on the keel and the wine glass shaped transom. All boats in the Downeast line were made in Santa Ana, California.

After 20,000 blue water miles we still ask ourselves if we could have gotten a better boat for the money. We still haven't seen a better value that fits our needs & wants for crossing oceans. Most cruisers cruise in the boat they have when it comes time to cruise. Sally and I both agree that it works out better if you have a boat designed for long range cruising. You wouldn't go off-roading in a Honda Accord. The same logic applies here.

What we like about the Downeast 32

cutter rig The rig makes for an excellent sail plan when the weather is above 25 knots.
galley A u-shaped galley with a three burner stove and decent counter space.
sea berths Two excellent sea berths using a lee cloth on the settee and dinette. They are at the waterline and in the center of the boat help us get rest on the passages because they are at the spot with the least amount of motion at sea.
storage space The water and fuel tanks are under the floor leaving the areas under the seating and berths open for storage.
fuel and water tankage We have more fuel and water tankage than many 40 foot boats. Having it low in the boat is MUCH better for overall stability than on the side decks.
bookshelf We are both readers. It's great to have a large choice of novels just waiting for us to read.
light wind sailing ability A heavy displacement boat does not have to be a motor boat in light winds. You just need more sail area and a little ability to trim those sails correctly. I won't say she's an around the buoy racer, but we can keep her moving in 5-8 kts of wind (which means less engine usage).
head We have a good sized head and shower for a 32 foot boat.
Large Main Salon We have enough room to have six to eight guests for dinner or drinks. We've been on many 40-45 foot boats that don't have this luxury.
Downeast 32 christening