The Voyages of Sailing Vessel Moana

Moana, the name of our boat when we found her. Moana, the Polynesian word for "Blue Sea" or "Ocean", became a very appropriate name for our boat. When we purchased her, we never knew just how many blue ocean miles and how many countries she would take us. We once had a dream of seeing the Pacific Islands. We never knew how true this dream would become

We started “trying out this cruising thing” with six months in Mexico. A year and a half later, after putting 10,000 miles under Moana's keel, we found ourselves and Moana across the Pacific safely tucked into the Bay of Islands in New Zealand.

On this site you'll read about our 20,000 mile journey there and back. Our hope is that you will be able to get a little taste of what it's like to be out cruising across oceans on a sailboat. We want to share a glimpse of our life. So jump in, explore, get your feet wet.

-- Sam & Sally